Glam Fleur offers luxurious preserved roses and gifts tailored specifically for any special occasion, at prices to fit every budget. Glam Fleur vast range of rose varieties caters for any special event or budget.

Venus et Fleur offers excellent customer service with quality products delivered quickly at competitive rates, saving time and money! Don’t let bad customer service ruin your day; check them out instead.

About Us

Glam Fleur, an elegant rose company located in Los Angeles, has perfected an all-natural process to preserve Ecuadorian roses for over one year. Their proprietary formula keeps their roses fresh and fragrant even after they are opened; furthermore, this method ensures their roses do not contain chemicals or dyes; infusing only water as needed!

Their success can be attributed to combining only top quality ingredients with fresh roses handpicked by expert florists from Ecuador’s premier supplier of roses – then immersing those roses in an exclusive mixture of natural oils and vitamins to prolong bloom life.

The company claims their roses will stay fresh for 12+ months and may last five times longer than a natural rose, stored in a luxury box that keeps dust and environmental disturbances at bay. Customers don’t need to give their roses water or sunlight; just place them somewhere cool and dry!

Glam Fleur offers more than just its unique rose preservation process – they also carry beautiful flower products like vintage-styled vases and decorative accents perfect for gift-giving any time of year! Their items are created from top-grade materials for an elegant finish.

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Venus ET Fleur, a rose-inspired brand offering stunning floral arrangements and accessories, was showcased at an impressive Mother’s Day event held in Century City where editors met their mothers to mingle, enjoy food and beverages and see its beautiful roses firsthand.


At Rose Boutique, we have gifts suitable for every celebration or home decor style and occasion. Our roses make especially thoughtful gifts for weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays; their long life without water make them truly distinctive additions to any celebration or home decor project.

Preserved roses make an elegant corporate gift. As the timeless symbol of love, preserved roses serve as a reminder to cherish life’s precious moments and show our appreciation to your employees and colleagues. Glam Fleur offers long lasting rose bouquets which would be the ideal corporate present. Careful preservation ensures they last through any office environment with elegance and longevity adding beauty and longevity for years. Additionally, custom designs can be requested on request.


Glam Fleur’s roses are designed to bring joy and enhance homes. Through sharing their passion for gorgeous blooms, Glam Fleur promotes aesthetic preservation as a community effort and welcomes customers’ feedback by posting reviews on their company page.

Glam Fleur boasts that their preserved roses look and feel as fresh as when they are plucked straight from the garden, with flowers selected at their peak of beauty to ensure longevity and vibrancy. Furthermore, preserved roses purchased from Glam Fleur can last up to two years with proper care – customers should keep them in a dry, cool location away from sunlight to extend their lifespan.

Venus ET Fleur has become known for their age-defying roses that can last up to 12 months or more and have been highly coveted by celebrities like Gigi Hadid. These types of flowers, however, require regular maintenance including rehydrating them, injecting them with proprietary solutions and placing them back into their original boxes to protect from dust and environmental disturbances.


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Your flowers deserve the very best care in their luxurious Glam Fleur box, where their stems will be shielded from dust and environmental stresses while their beautiful blooms proudly displayed. Furthermore, you can remove its base pedestal box to use as an elegant vase that fits seamlessly with any decor scheme.